Very astute OTA team bonding event by the Bears

Vince Carbonneau
June 10, 2022  (7:35)

Having great chemistry inside the locker room is so crucial in the NFL. In fact, one might argue that this is the key to having a truly successful team. Well, I feel like the Chicago Bears took a good step in that direction yesterday.

Players, coaches and staff went on board six buses and head to Wrigley Field for a team-bonding event.
"We were all excited," said tight end Cole Kmet. "Everyone's been working for awhile now. Everyone's been working really hard, and to get a little break and do some team-bonding at Wrigley Field was very special. We had a lot of fun."

Bears senior writer Larry Mayer reported that Once the Bears arrived at the Friendly Confines, players and coaches were split into 10 teams that competed in six events. The stations included cup stacking in the Cubs bullpen, batting practice under the right-field bleachers, throwing foam-rubber baseballs at targets in right field, Wiffle ball along the left-field foul line, cornhole in the infield and a home run derby.
"We planned this awhile back," Eberflus said. "We had nine OTAs and we wanted to take one of those just to do a team-building day. We spent a lot of hours organizing it, but it's well worth it because it's all about bringing the guys together, coaches and players."

The coaches arrange things so that each team in the activities included players and coaches from both sides of the ball so that everyone could mix together!
"We had O-line with D-line and DBs with receivers," he said. "We mixed the coaches together, too. It was an opportunity to get to know guys on the other side of the ball and different parts of the team that you wouldn't normally be grouped with."

The whole thing was a true success and it seems like everyone truly had a blast
"It was great," he said. "When you have laughing, smiling, and the competition's there as well, that's a great way to bring a football team together."

"It was a blast," added Kmet, a Chicago area native and lifelong Cubs fan. "I grew up coming to games here, and to be able to be on the field and take in this whole experience was a lot of fun."

Mayer also reported that the team that won the event was comprised of quarterback Justin Fields, offensive lineman Sam Mustipher, receivers Velus Jones Jr. and Chris Finke, defensive lineman Angelo Blackson, linebacker Charles Snowden, defensive backs Jon Alexander and BoPete Keyes and kicker Cairo Santos.
Finally, TE Cole Kmet was the one that won the "home run derby". He had an unfair advantage since he is a great baseball player. In fact, Kmet was selected by the Bears in the second round of the 2020 draft after playing both football and baseball at Notre Dame.
Here are a few clip from the day:
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