Trubsiky Obsessed With Beating Green Bay Week 1.

Published August 23, 2019 at 1:37 PM

The Chicago Bears have two more Preseason games left including tomorrow's matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.While the Bears will take the field, it's more than likely quarterback Mitch Trubisky's Preseason is over. The QB is locked in and focused on the Green Bay Packers.«I learn the game plan every single week for the preseason game we're in and make sure I'm supporting the other guys,» Trubisky said, via the Chicago Tribune. «Depending on what Coach has for us, I'm making sure I'm flipping on Green Bay film, watching their games from last year and keeping an eye on what they're doing preseason and looking out for the new guys they've added and studying as much as I can. So you've just got to find that balance, but definitely I have my eye on ‘em.»
Trubisky and head coach Matt Nagy want him 100% focused and ready to go Week 1. «I think just taking it one day at a time for me, doing a lot of visualization practices and being on the same page with Coach (will help),» Trubisky said. «It's communicating what he's seeing, what I see on film and what plays have worked against them in the past, what didn't for us last year and what we want to do a lot more of. And just having that constant communication. I know we're going to have a lot of good stuff going in for this game and coaches are on top of it. He's really great with the game-planning stuff. So it's my job just to have a good idea what they expect to bring and be prepared for it.»

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