Kyle Long Comments About Attacking Teammate With Helmet.

Published August 21, 2019 at 10:25

It was a week to forget for Kyle Long. Getting into a verbal altercation with Akiem Hicks, attacking rookie Jalen Dalton with his helmet and getting suspended by the Bears for their preseason game against the New York Giants. Long spoke to the media about his troubling week and apologized. «Obviously what I did was absolutely unacceptable,» Long said after Tuesday's practice, per Jeff Dickerson of ESPN. «As a human being, as a teammate, without question, what I did was uncalled for and absolutely so far over the line that it was on me to handle that internally and speak to the people that I needed to speak to. I've done that.»
Long wasn't allowed to practice with the team until Tuesday and the guard knows he's got to earn the trust back from his teammates. «The thing I need to continue to do is go out on a day-to-day basis and try to prove to the men in this locker room that don't know me very well and who have some questions about my character, and just try to move forward and prove to them the man I am on a daily basis. It was wrong what I did and in a lapse of judgment, that's where I ended up, and it reflected poorly on the organization, the city, the offensive line room and that was never my intention. Moving forward I intend to make amends.»
Between these new freak outs and his injury history, Long could very easily get cut if he doesn't be careful.

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