Trubisky Comments On Wide Open Trey Burton Picture.

Published September 13, 2018 at 3:41 PM

Earlier this week a picture surfaced from the Chicago Bears second drive of their game against the Green Bay Packers. The Bears are positioned for a touchdown opportunity however ended up settling for a field goal. When it comes to the picture itself, tight end Trey Burton looks so wide open in the end zone, so wide open that at first glance, some believed the picture was photoshopped. However, the picture was not and Trubisky didn't see Burton and ended up checking the ball down and the team actually lost five yards on the play. Trubisky was asked about how everything played out. "I'm sure everyone saw what I saw and they're like, 'Oh, Mitch, throw to the wide open guy in the back of the end zone'. Trust me, I wish I would. Tarik was the first option in the flat. It's one of those plays where [you think], 'How risky are you going to be, are you going to take care of the football?' I checked it down, we lost five yards, but we got three points out of it and went up 10-0.So that was the big positive takeaway for me. But moving forward, if I want to evolve into the quarterback I want to be, you've got to take the opportunity and I've got to anticipate that even more. That wasn't something that happened in practice at all that week. But you've got to know as a quarterback if that opens up, take your chances and get it to the guy wide open. But it's a little less wide open when you're playing it full motion on film. When you've got the still picture, which I'm sure a lot of people saw, it looks like I don't know what I'm doing. Trust me, I'm hard on myself. You want touchdowns, not field goals. But I thought I put myself and my team in good position in that instance, first quarter, check it down, three points, we're up 10-0."

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