Top 5 greatest Bear of all time

Vince Carbonneau
February 11, 2022  (2:30 PM)

The Chicago bears are one of the most prestigious franchises in Football. They had many amazing teams that contained a big number of great players. Here is my top 5 greatest Bears' player in order. So many players could have made this list and choosing only 5 players for such a historic franchise is really difficult. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Walter Payton
This was a pretty easy choice. Sweetness is clearly the greatest Bear ever. He is second all-time in rushing yards. He has been selected to nine pro bowls, including 7 all-pro teams. He holds pretty much every record a running back can hold for the franchise. He also brought his team to a Super Bowl championship in 1985.
Dick Butkus
Butkus was truly a monster. He scared every opponent he ever went against. He made the Pro Bowl every year except for one. He also has won two defensive players of the year. Butkus is widely regarded as one of the most feared players in history.
Mike Ditka
Ditka was regarded as the best tight end of all time for multiple decades. He played in an era where that position was not utilized in the passing game as much as today. However, he still won rookie of the year, made 5 pro bowls and 6 all-pro teams. In addition, he was the first tight end in the hall of fame.
Brian Urlacher
Another hard-hitting linebacker is on this list. Urlacher was the ultimate leader. He played for 13 years. He was another extremely respected player that made 5 all-pro teams, 8 pro bowls and won a defensive player of the year award. His impact was bigger than just on the field. He had a presence that was felt everywhere he stepped foot. Of course, Urlacher was a first-ballot Hall of Famer.
Devin Hester
This one might be more controversial. While Hester might not have the same statistics, honors or awards as the other one, he still had a huge impact. He was truly an electric player on the field. He is without a doubt the greatest return-man specialist of all time. There are only a couple of players in NFL history that can say they are undoubtedly the best at their positions.
Honorable mentions:
Mike Singletary and Gale Sayers
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