Three Feasible Trade Scenarios Involving Justin Fields That the Falcons Might Propose to the Bears

Vince Carbonneau
January 19, 2024  (10:45)

Mel Kiper Jr. has suggested that the Chicago Bears could potentially secure a first-round pick if they decide to trade quarterback Justin Fields this offseason.

Kiper's opinions have occasionally been off the mark, such as his criticism of the Indianapolis Colts in 1994 for not selecting Trent Dilfer. While Kiper is not known for making hot takes, there might be some substance to his view.
Just a month ago, the prevailing consensus around the league was that Justin Fields could command a pick as high as a second-round selection. It's worth noting that Sam Darnold, in a trade from the New York Jets to the Carolina Panthers, did not yield a first-round pick in return. Therefore, the Bears should not set their expectations too high, especially for a top-10 pick.
While Fields is undoubtedly a more dynamic playmaker than Darnold, the Panthers' trade for Darnold may not be the best precedent for the Bears, given the Panthers' history of questionable trades.
The Bears' likely decision to move on from Fields is due to his perceived inability to progress sufficiently as a pocket passer, making the franchise consider drafting players like Caleb Williams or Drake Maye.
Obtaining a first-round pick from the Atlanta Falcons may seem ambitious. However, it's not far-fetched to speculate that the Falcons are interested in trading for Justin.
The Falcons are in desperate need of a quarterback, holding the eighth overall pick, which may not be sufficient to draft Williams, Maye, or Jayden Daniels, who is expected to go in the top five. Michael Penix Jr. and Bo Nix are quarterbacks with first-round grades that the Falcons could consider. Penix Jr. comes with a "boom-or-bust" label, while Nix may be seen as a system quarterback.
The Falcons are not far from being competitive, and acquiring a quarterback could be their key to success. Trading for the hometown star, Justin Fields, who still has considerable potential, might be an appealing option for them.
**Realistic Falcons-Bears Justin Fields Trade Packages:**
**1. Chicago Bears Receive:**
- 2024 Second-Round Pick (No. 43)
- 2024 Fourth-Round Pick (No. 109)
- 2025 Conditional Day Three Pick
**Atlanta Falcons Receive:**
- Quarterback Justin Fields
This deal provides the Bears with additional draft picks, including a much-needed second-round selection. It also helps offset the cost of a previous trade involving the Bears' second-round pick. The conditional pick offers potential for improvement based on Fields' performance or the Falcons' playoff success.
2. Chicago Bears Receive:
- 2024 Second-Round Pick (No. 43)
- 2024 Third-Round Pick (No. 79)
Atlanta Falcons Receive:
- Quarterback Justin Fields
- 2024 Fourth-Round Pick (No. 110)
In this scenario, the Bears acquire two top-80 picks, enhancing their draft capital significantly. These assets can be used to improve the team's standing even with a rookie quarterback.
3. Chicago Bears Receive:
- 2024 Third-Round Pick (No. 74)
- 2024 Third-Round Pick (No. 79)
- 2025 Conditional Day Three Pick
Atlanta Falcons Receive:
- Quarterback Justin Fields
This package offers a solution if there is limited competition for Fields, and the Bears need to make a trade quickly. It still provides the Bears with valuable draft picks, particularly on Day Two, which can help them add depth and talent to their roster.
Three Feasible Trade Scenarios Involving Justin Fields That the Falcons Might Propose to the Bears

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