The factual information regarding the Chicago Bears' recent hirings provides insights into the ongoing quarterback debate.

Vince Carbonneau
January 27, 2024  (9:47)

Without an official press conference held as of yet, the Chicago Bears have left the door wide open to speculation regarding their intentions with the top pick in the upcoming NFL draft. While it's natural to engage in speculation, it's crucial to ground any assumptions in factual information. Here are some pertinent facts regarding the Bears' recent offensive coaching staff hirings and how they may impact the ongoing debate about whether to draft Caleb Williams or retain Justin Fields:

1. **The Choice of Offensive Coordinator (OC):** The Bears did not bring in Kliff Kingsbury, a USC assistant and advocate of the Air Raid offense, despite his close association with Caleb Williams during the 2023 season at USC. Williams operated within a version of the Air Raid offense at USC. Instead, the Bears opted for Shane Waldron, a former offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks and a disciple of Sean McVay.
2. **Waldron's Experience:** Waldron's NFL coaching experience includes working with quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson and Geno Smith in Seattle. He also spent time with Jared Goff. However, he has never been primarily responsible for developing a young quarterback drafted into the NFL. His coaching journey began in New England in 2008, where he initially served as a quality control coach and later as a tight ends coach. Although he worked with Goff during his second and third seasons, it was in roles like passing game coordinator rather than as a dedicated QB coach.
3. **The Choice of QB Coach:** The Bears have hired Kerry Joseph as their QB coach, and he may have played a more pivotal role in resurrecting Geno Smith's career than Waldron. Joseph's hiring was confirmed by the Bears. Before joining the Bears, Joseph had a year with Cincinnati and a four-year stint with the Seahawks as a defensive back. He later transitioned back to his college position as a quarterback in the CFL, where he won a Grey Cup and earned the league MVP title in 2007. Although he hasn't served as an NFL quarterbacks coach until 2022, during Geno Smith's first year with the Seahawks, his presence has been instrumental in helping Smith revive his career.
4. **QB Coach's Playing Experience:** Kerry Joseph, while not an NFL quarterback, played the position at McNeese State and in the CFL. He was known for his mobility as a running quarterback and even became the third CFL QB to rush for over 1,000 yards in a single season. Throughout his CFL career, he accumulated impressive rushing and passing stats, including over 4,500 rushing yards and more than 28,000 passing yards, with a notable combination of rushing and passing touchdowns.
These facts provide some insight into the Bears' coaching staff decisions and their potential implications for the quarterback debate, leaving it up to readers to form their own opinions and speculations about the direction the team may take in the draft.
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The factual information regarding the Chicago Bears' recent hirings provides insights into the ongoing quarterback debate.

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