Teven Jenkins Delivered a Block of the Year Candidate That Went Unnoticed

Vince Carbonneau
November 21, 2023  (12:25)

The Chicago Bears narrowly missed a victory against one of the NFC's powerhouse teams. While moral victories hold no weight in the NFL, the team's performance hinted at a promising roster in the making. The game showcased the talents of several young players, with Justin Fields delivering one of his finest performances to date, thanks in part to his offensive line, especially tackles Darnell Wright and Braxton Jones. Yet, the standout was Teven Jenkins, whose on-field efforts shone brightly.

Teven Jenkins has emerged as the premier player on the Bears' offensive line throughout the season. Despite an early setback due to injury, his return to the field has been formidable, posing a challenge for every opponent he's faced. Dominating in the ground game, Jenkins has allowed a mere nine pressures across more than 200 pass-blocking snaps. His defining moment possibly came against Detroit, where his block enabled Fields to connect with D.J. Moore for an impressive 39-yard touchdown.
However, what many overlooked was Jenkins' critical role in making that play possible. When Lions defensive end Julian Okwara bypassed Larry Borom with an inside move, it was Jenkins' swift reaction that neutralized the threat, giving Fields the necessary time to make the successful pass. Jenkins' quick decision-making and execution on that play was nothing short of remarkable.
Jenkins' performance this season has undoubtedly paved the way for contract discussions. Given his high level of play, the Bears are facing a conundrum regarding his future with the team, particularly in light of his injury history. While trust remains an issue due to his time away from the field, Jenkins has proved his resilience and skill, overcoming adversity and silencing critics who doubted him after he was benched in last year's training camp.
As Jenkins continues to fortify the offensive line, it's evident that his presence has been a significant factor in Fields' recent top-tier performances. With Jenkins anchoring the line, the Bears' offensive might is showing signs of transforming into one of the league's best. The team's decision on Jenkins' future will be crucial as they continue to build and improve their roster.
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