Pro Bowl Receiver Absent From Mandatory Mini Camp, Could the Bears Make a Phone Call?

June 8, 2022  (8:59)

Off-season programs are underway league-wide as training camp quickly approaches. Rumors were floating around league-wide this off-season that Pro Bowl Receiver DK Metcalf was unhappy in Seattle and wanted out of a new deal. The draft came and went, and despite a hot receiver market Seattle stayed put on Metcalf.

This off-season we've seen the receiver market explode. It started with Christian Kirk signing a 4-year 84 million dollar deal with the Jaguars in free agency. This led to something unimaginable, Davantae Adams, A.J. Brown, Amari Cooper, and Tyreek Hill all relocated this off-season.
Deebo Samuel and DK Metcalf are the next receivers in line that are expected to reset the receiving market as their rookie deals expire. Despite a complicated off-season, it does appear that Deebo Samuel will be participating in off-season programs with the 49ers are contract talks continue. This doesn't appear the same for DK Metcalf.
With mandatory mini-camp underway in Seattle, it appears they are without their star receiver. Metcalf is recovering from a foot injury that bothered him all of 2021 but remains out of town. It will be interesting to see where this goes moving forward.
The next questions are is he available? And would the Bears be buyers?
It certainly doesn't appear that anything is off the table for the Seahawks, especially after trading away Superstar Quarterback Russell Wilson.
A deal for DK Metcalf would not only require moving away assets, but it would also require a possible record-breaking contract. The Eagles surrendered a 1st round and 3rd round pick to land their receiver. A deal in this ballpark would be practical for Metcalf.
Would Ryan Poles make the call if he's available?
Unfortunately, this is the more frustrating reality for hungry Bears fans. It would appear this would be highly unlikely to happen. The Bears have the assets and money, plus Fields' is under a friendly rookie deal. Poles' remains level-headed when it comes to his approach. They want to build through the draft and keep their assets, not move them away, even if it does mean landing a receiver of Metcalf's caliber.
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