Pretty massive mistake by the new regime costing the Bears a full practice...

Vince Carbonneau
June 7, 2022  (10:31)

Dan Wiederer reported that According to a league source, the Bears were forced to wipe today's OTA practice off the books completely after violating the offseason rules of the CBA with live contact during their May practices, which is prohibited.

The Bears reportedly had live contact during practices in May, which is prohibited during this phase of the offseason program.
A big misstep by the new regime.
According to the league source, the Bears were warned for having practices featuring too much contact last month with requests made that they alter their practice activity to adjust. Eventually, when proper adjustments weren't made, the NFL Players Association was asked to get involved and the NFL stepped in, deciding that the team was in violation of league rules. As a result, the Bears were required to forfeit one of their OTA practices. -Dan Wiederer

While this is not the end of the world, this is still very bad. Every NFL practice is so important and the value is very high, especially when you are trying to install new playbooks on both sides of the football.
I get that Matt Eberlfus is new to being an NFL head coach, but he has to know better and not violate simple rules, especially during OTAs...
I am all for intensity and aggressiveness, but there is a time and a place for all this, and clearly, this wasn't it.
We will be able to have more details tomorrow when the Bears will hold an open to the media practice. Matt Eberflus will definitely talk to the media and he will certainly have to answer a lot of questions on this subject.
Again, this is far from the end of it all for the Bears, but it is still pretty serious. I'm certain that the coaching staff will learn from this and be more careful, but it still stings that this mistake cost a full day of practice.
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