NFL Analyst Says Fans Will Be Disappointed With Clinton-Dix

Published March 25, 2019 at 3:08 PM

The Chicago Bears didn't make the same huge splash they made during 2018 free agency but still made some tweaks. One of the signings that Bears' fans are most excited about is adding safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. While Clinton-Dix isn't in the prime of his career anymore, he's still a valuable player who can make big plays. Mostly regarded as a smart and reasonable signing, Ben Fennell of The Athletic and the NFL Network says Bears' fans will be disappointed.«I think he's still going off of his name recognition, his reputation from Alabama, first-round pick,» Fennell said. «He makes some big splash plays, he'll get some turnovers for you, but his down-to-down play is wildly inconsistent. He's a very unreliable tackler, didn't always show a good aggression and toughness, didn't set the tone as far as attitude on the back end of the defense, which you really need these safeties to do. … Those safeties decide if it's going to be a 7-, 8-, 9-yard play or is it gonna be a 40- or 50-yard play? There's just way too many plays that Clinton-Dix gave up. … I think his down-to-down play is really gonna open some eyes for some people in Chicago.»
What do you think of Fennell's comments?

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