Nagy Says The Team Is "Turning Over Every Stone To Get This Thing Right".

Published November 20, 2019 at 10:23

Another loss and things are getting frustrating in Chicago. It gets worse and worse and it continues to seem that head coach Matt Nagy is completely oblivious that the Bears' team is struggling and what should be done to fix it. Analysts have said that Nagy needs to step back from the offense and overlook the whole team and let his OC call the plays, but Nagy reiterated what he said a couple of weeks ago... He's not giving up the play calling. «What I would say is this,» Nagy said «I'll be the first to tell you, then we need to be better or if there's a rhythm to something. I have zero ego and I have zero care of giving play-call duties to somebody else. I really do not care about that, and if that's what we feel like from going through it that that's what we need to do, then I would do that, I really would."
The Bears head coach added that the team is looking at tape and doing everything the can to fix things. «But when you go through the tape and you look at things and you know schematically where we're at and what we're calling and when we're calling it. … There's without a doubt a few plays in that game that I would go back and say, ‘You know what, that's our fault. We didn't scheme it right,' and that starts with me. And I need to be able to accept that and know how do I fix that. But we'll do everything we can … we're turning over every stone to get this thing right.»

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