Nagy Loved Trubisky's Work On Monday Night.

Published September 18, 2018 at 1:17 PM

"The Chicago Bears walked away with the win on Monday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks by the score of 24-17. While the defense definitely put in work, young quarterback Mitch Trubisky didn't look too bad either. Trubisky walked away with two touchdown passes, 200 yards and a 83.0 QB rating, however most fans have focused on the two interceptions Trubisky threw. Bears head coach Matt Nagy however was focused in on Trubisky's ability to scramble and his footwork. «I thought his footwork was better today, not as much eyes at the line of scrimmage,» Nagy said. «He made some good runs. Had a couple scrambles. He had that one in the first or second quarter. That was nice.
«So I'll be anxious to go back and check the tape out and see progression-wise where he's at, and sometimes they are going to get you with some of their blitzes where you're hot and you've got to throw hot, so it looks like you're throwing quick or you're not protected. This is going to be fun, it really is, and I'm excited for our future together. I'm excited for this offense to continue figuring out how we build this identity. I think hopefully you're going to see that each game is going to subtly get better and better and then ultimately in the end we are just really rolling.»Are you on the same page as Nagy?

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