Nagy Looking Forward To Working With Kevin White.

Published March 5, 2018 at 4:11 PM

"New Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy is bringing a breath of fresh air to the organization along with a fresh start. Some players who weren't used properly might finally find their place under Nagy and one player who never really got the chance to be used because of injuries, might finally have a chance to shine. Wide receiver Kevin White has played just five games in three seasons, and if he can stay healthy, Nagy is looking forward to working with him. «Kevin is a guy you see who hasn't had a lot of games these past few years,» Nagy said. «We understand that, but for me, that's the challenge as a head coach.
‘‘You love to see those kinds of situations. You don't make any promises that anything's going to happen. But you see a kid like that, you know his road and where he's at, and I look at that as a personal challenge to get him to a place where we want to get him.»If White can stay healthy, there's a big chance Nagy can create an elite wide receiver out of him.

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