Kyle Long Explains Why He Thinks It's Not Working With Trubisky.

Published February 5, 2020 at 12:23

It's going to be a long month for Chicago Bears' fans leading up to the free agency period. We'll hear lots of speculation on who the Bears might sign to help out at QB as either a backup or a more of a 1b option to push starter Mitch Trubisky. Trubisky along with the Bears had a disappointing 2019 after an excellent 2018. One player who won't be back in 2020 is Kyle Long who announced his retirement earlier this year. While appearing on ESPN 1000, Long gave a pretty reasonable and grounded look at the whole Trubisky situation. "It's also unfair to criticize a guy who was drafted to play in a system that runs the hell out of the ball and showcase his arm talent in the play action game outside the pocket. Because if you really watch the Bears, that's not what we're doing. That's a byproduct of personnel.... I couldn't block. I wasn't healthy enough. In the run game or the pass game. When was I healthy? When Josh Sitton was here, when we were rolling, when we were putting up 300 rushing yards in Baltimore. That's the offense Mitch was meant to play in. Pound the friggin rock and throw the ball downtown Julie Brown when everybody's in the box and the next thing you know you've scored 40 points and that Bears' defense has suffocated the life of the opposition."Long believes it's just a timing thing as Trubisky was a fit for John Fox."Matt Nagy was not brought in to run the I-formation and Mitch Trubisky potentially was brought in to run the I-formation. I think that's where the miscommunication is."What do you think of Long's comments?

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