Justin Fields vs Trevor Lawrence comparison

Vince Carbonneau
June 26, 2022  (9:26)

Justin Fields and Trevor Lawrence have been compared for a long time now. They both played their high school football in the state of Georgia. They were clearly the two best quarterbacks. Then, they also played against each other on the college level. Justin, playing for the Ohio State University won the last matchup against Trevor who was at Clemson University.

However, at this point last season, it was very clear that Lawrence would be the first overall pick. For Fields, it was not as obvious where he would end up. He finally fell to the 11th pick where the Bears traded up to draft him.
After one season, the question that is worth asking is: who would you rather have going forward?
First of all, I think that both players were in a horrible situation. You could try and say which one was in the worst environment but I won't. They were both playing for a terrible team AND coaching staff.
It is pretty hard to say which one has the brightest future. But, it is a lot closer right now than it was last year at this date. That's good for the Bears' QB. They both showed some great potential. I truly believe that they can both develop into amazing quarterbacks. However, I will put my money on Fields. He has some better games down the stretch than Lawrence. He showed better protection of the ball. Also, he is a superior athlete. While I have to give the nod the Trevor for the arm talent, I think Fields' throwing ability is really underrated.
You could compare the metrics, but they both had mediocre seasons on the stat sheets. Again, this is greatly due to the fact that they both had an offensive-minded coach who was completely ignorant.
The answer to the opening question at this moment is pretty much a coin flip. I believe a lot in the intangibles of Justin Fields and I question the motor of Lawrence a little bit so I will go with Fields. I am looking forward to a lot of battles between these two amazing quarterbacks on the professional level.
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