Jordan Howard Takes Shot At Bears' Offense.

Published June 4, 2019 at 11:29

The Chicago Bears offense under head coach Matt Nagy has been labeled dynamic and innovative by lots of people in the NFL world. Except one former Bear who believes it's "one dimensional". Former Bears' running back Jordan Howard is blown away by the Philadelphia Eagles offense and feels it's a lot different. «I feel like they're allowing me to do more, show my game off more instead of just being one-dimensional like Chicago had me,» Howard said after practice Monday.
«I thought it was going to be similar to Chicago, but it's a lot more diverse,» Howard said of the Eagles' offense. «We do a lot more than Chicago does. So I'd definitely say it's a lot different.»
Maybe if Howard would have worked harder to catch the ball in Chicago he would have been giving a more diverse role. Howard and Tarik Cohen were supposed to be the perfect compliment to each other, however it never happened but Howard believes it will happen with Eagles rookie Miles Sanders. «I feel like I'm more of a power back, and he has power as well but he's shifty, too,» Howard said. «We can definitely work off each other.»

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