Here is what Justin Fields' vegan diet looks like!

Vince Carbonneau
September 2, 2022  (10:06)

NFL quarterback Justin Fields said a plant-based diet with plenty of carbs and protein helps his athletic performance and muscle recovery.

The Chicago Bears athlete went vegan in May 2020 after a 28-day challenge with his family and never looked back, Fields told Insider in an interview coordinated by the vegan protein drink company OWYN, for whom Fields is a brand ambassador.
In an interview with GQ, Fields said: «Going plant-based was one of the best things I could do for my body. It just makes my body feel good overall. «I noticed the difference right away, a few weeks I would say, and that made it way easier to continue down the plant-based path«After seeing the differences in my body and recovery, it just became very natural. Honestly, the new plant-based options they have out there do the trick when you're craving a good burger every now and then.»
"I think the biggest change for me is just how much lighter and faster I feel all around. This change was very drastic for me after I did the challenge I did with my family and was ultimately the reason I chose to continue a plant-based diet," he said.
Fields starts his day with fruit for a convenient, fast source of carbs and calories to kick off his busy schedule.
"I keep my mornings light, not always intentionally, but because they start early and I am usually on-the-go," he said.
He also drinks coffee, which he said is the one food he can't live without.
"I normally always have a coffee or a cold brew with me," he said
After training, Fields said getting in enough protein helps his muscles heal and build back stronger.
"Drinking a high-quality protein is important for me because it makes a big difference in recovery," he said.
He said the Owyn Pro Elite protein shake is a favorite, with 35 grams of protein and all nine essential amino acids for maximum muscle recovery. His fellow non-vegan athletes also enjoy the drinks.
"My teammates have been really supportive of the things that I believe are best for me," Fields said. "Some of my teammates will drink my OWYN shakes and honestly can't tell that they're plant-based."
Finally, when he was asked what would be his advice to those looking to eliminate meat from their diets, here is what he said.
"I would say just go for it. It was hard for me the first couple of weeks but after I get used to it, it was easy. Some people might have to slowly move to it, where they eat plant-based throughout the week and have their cheat meals during the weekend. Whatever way works for each person, that's the best thing for them. For me, I could just jump into a diet and stay strict with it, but I know my parents will have a cheat meal every now and then. Find what works for you and stick to it. "
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