George McCaskey Comments On Robinson Drama And Lack Of Extension.

Published September 18, 2020 at 5:15 PM

"The big storyline this week continues to be the Allen Robinson drama and it doesn't seem it'll go away until he gets an extension or gets traded. This morning we learned that the Bears are looking to get Robinson signed for $15-16million a year while Robinson is looking for something more in the $18-20million range. With so many people having spoken on the situation it's now chairman George McCaskey's turn. He seems to feel pretty good about the situation. "Ted (Phillips) gave me an update yesterday and we're very optimistic," McCaskey said on WGN Radio.
"I don't get involved in those things," McCaskey said. "We've got people who take care of those things and most of the time it works out with a good result and that's what we're counting on in A-Rob's case."
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