Bears Latest Contract Offer To Allen Robinson Revealed.

Published September 18, 2020 at 2:07 PM

Despite a sweet come from behind win by the Chicago Bears during Week 1, the storyline has been all Allen Robinson all the time. Robinson deleted all mentions of Chicago and the Bears on his social media accounts which led to lots of speculation that he had requested a trade.It created so much buzz that his agent, head coach Matt Nagy and Robinson himself were all forced to comment and clarify what was going on?So what is going on?Robinson wants to be a Chicago Bear for a very long time and sign a contract extension, however the Bears only want him back at what Robinson feels is not fair market value.So what exactly are the Bears offering to get Robinson so upset?ESPN's Dan Graziano was able to dig up some information on the negotiations:"According to sources familiar with the situation, the Bears are looking at the recent Cooper Kupp extension with the Rams as their comparison, meaning they're in the $15 million-to-$16 million-per-year range," Graziano writes. "Robinson is thinking more along the lines of Odell Beckham Jr. or Tyreek Hill, who are in the $18 million-per-year range. Keenan Allen, age 28, just signed a third contract with the Chargers for four years and a reported $20 million per year, and don't think that's not on Robinson's mind here. Robinson (98 catches for 1,147 yards and seven touchdowns) and Allen (104 - 1,199 -6) had similar statistical lines a season ago, and Allen has also had injuries in his past."
"So, how does this turn out? Robinson's preference, by all accounts, is to do an extension with the Bears and stay in Chicago. But if they don't want to pay him what he believes he's worth, sources say he has raised the idea of the Bears trading him to another team that will -- or at least one where he might be able to put up more impressive numbers in advance of free agency. Robinson and his agent have not formally requested permission to speak to other teams about trades, but the negotiations have reached the point in which Robinson is frustrated and wondering if that might be the best option."Is Robinson being greedy or do you think he deserves top dog money?

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