Five Must-Watch Games for Bears Fans During Week 10's Short Break

Vince Carbonneau
November 12, 2023  (11:23)

Week 10's Early Victory Ushers in a Weekend of Strategic Viewing for Bears Fans

The Chicago Bears' recent Thursday Night Football triumph over the Carolina Panthers, resulting in a 16-13 win, provided a spark of joy for fans, propelling the team to a 3-7 standing. Despite the rough edges of the game, the win has given Bears enthusiasts a reason to enter the weekend with high spirits.
As the Bears take a breather and bask in the glow of their victory, the NFL's weekend lineup beckons. There's no need for Bears supporters to switch off their football brains, as the forthcoming schedule brims with intriguing contests. Let's delve into a handful of games that hold particular significance for Bears fans.
1. Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots
8:30 a.m. CT on NFL Network
This early European showdown isn't the blockbuster it once would have been, but it's still a draft pick chess match. The Patriots, at 2-7, are vying for a top draft position, a situation the Bears are monitoring closely. As the sole early morning game, it's the perfect appetizer for Bears fans hoping for a Patriots win to boost Chicago's draft prospects.
2. Green Bay Packers at Pittsburgh Steelers
Noon CT on FOX
A rare regular-season face-off between the Packers and Steelers stirs a complex pot of emotions for Bears fans. With the Packers at 3-5 under Jordan Love, Bears fans might relish a Packers loss. Yet, a Green Bay defeat also nudges them towards a high draft pick. It's a bittersweet scenario, potentially spiced up by an appearance from Mitchell Trubisky, a recent Bears nemesis of the Packers, now with the Steelers at 5-3.
3. San Francisco 49ers at Jacksonville Jaguars
Noon CT on FOX
Setting aside draft dynamics, this clash of rested division leaders promises pure football excitement. The 49ers, at 5-3, and the Jaguars, on a five-game winning streak at 6-2, both seek to assert dominance. It's a prime matchup for NFL enthusiasts, with both teams eager to prove their standing in their respective conferences.
4. Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Chargers
3:05 p.m. CT on CBS
Bears fans get a sneak preview of next week's adversary as the Detroit Lions, sitting pretty at 6-2 post-bye, clash with the 4-4 Chargers. It's not just an NFC North scouting opportunity; this game could deliver the Lions' historic first away win against the Chargers, marking it as one of the weekend's must-see games.
5. New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
3:25 p.m. CT on FOX
Wrapping up our list is a "tank watch" game. It's a harsh reality for Bears fans, but the Giants, at 2-7, are the Cowboys' rivals in the race for draft positioning. While Dallas dominated their previous meeting and the Giants field an undrafted rookie QB, this game could shuffle the draft pick deck, offering Bears fans a glimpse into their competition for the top selection. It's not the most exhilarating aspect of fandom, but it's an essential part of the Bears' current narrative.
Five Must-Watch Games for Bears Fans During Week 10's Short Break

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