Eddy Pineiro NFC Player Of The Week.

Published September 18, 2019 at 10:59

"What an amazing week it's been for Eddy Pineiro. It was topped off this morning when he was named NFC special teams player of the week.It's of course highlighted by his game winning 53 yard field goal with no time left. «It means everything,» Piñeiro said after the game. «I've been working my butt off. All the stuff that I've been through, the ‘Augusta silence,' the kickers getting cut left and right, all the crazy things going on. It was a pretty cool moment to have this opportunity.»Head coach Matt Nagy has been really impressed by everything about Pineiro. «A credit to him for having that mentality and that confidence,» coach Matt Nagy said Monday night during the Bears Coaches Show on WBBM Newsradio 780 AM and 105.9 FM. «We talk about ‘visualize to actualize.' And so we try to crave pressure and create pressure, and everything that he has done during this offseason working up to this point, you try to make it a little easier for him when he gets to that moment, and that's what happened.
«It was a great hold by Pat [O'Donnell] and then you've got to make that kick. You've got to snap, you've got to block, you've got to do everything, and I'll tell you what, that thing wasn't just good from there, that thing was going to be good from 60.»


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