CeeDee Lamb retaliates against former teammate Cole Beasley

Chris Lewis
July 7, 2024  (9:22 PM)

CeeDee Lamb, Cowboys
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CeeDee Lamb asserts his dominance in the face of criticism.

In a recent clash on social media, CeeDee Lamb, the Dallas Cowboys' standout wide receiver, made his stance clear: he is not here for unsolicited advice, especially not from former players. The All-Pro receiver found himself at the center of a digital discourse when Cole Beasley, a former NFL wideout whose career spanned over a decade with teams like the Cowboys, Bills, and Buccaneers, chimed in on Lamb's offseason activities.
The debate ignited when Beasley reacted to a video posted on X showcasing some of Lamb's offseason training routines. Expanding his thoughts, Beasley commented, "Give me 180 targets off the couch and I eclipse 1000," adding,
Stop looking at stats and check the tape. As far as getting open goesI'm confident I did that with the best of them.
This statement came after a user questioned the relevance of his advice to a player as accomplished as Lamb.
Lamb, who is coming off the most illustrious receiving season in Cowboys history, did not hold back in his response.
I don't need 180 targets to touch a band," he retorted on X. "Pull up tape, I'd match you route for route on getting open. Just Chill.
Beasley, in an attempt to deescalate, responded to Lamb's comeback with a pacifying tone,
"I never said you did," asserting that his initial comments were meant to provide fans with some perspective, not to undermine Lamb's abilities.

This exchange highlights a broader theme in professional sports: the dynamics between current athletes and their predecessors. While Beasley defended his career achievements, Lamb's reaction underscores a desire among active players to assert their capabilities without external critique, particularly from those no longer on the field.
Beasley, with a career tally of 556 receptions for 5,744 yards and 34 touchdowns, certainly has a wealth of experience. However, Lamb's recent performance, characterized by record-setting receptions and yardage, speaks for itself. This incident may further fuel Lamb's motivation on the field, as he continues to prove that his approach and training regimen are tailored to his unique style of play, which remains unchallenged by the echoes of past glories.
Source: CBS Sports
CeeDee Lamb fires back at ex-Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley over apparent criticism
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CeeDee Lamb retaliates against former teammate Cole Beasley

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