Bad News For Anthony Miller.

Published September 25, 2018 at 4:15 PM

The Chicago Bears had some bad news this past weekend despite the win. Rookie wide receiver Anthony Miller dislocated his shoulder, and despite the injury, Miller eventually returned to the game. Now reports indicate that coming back in the game actually just made the whole situation worse. Miller fell awkwardly in the first quarter on his shoulder and then in the third quarter while battling with a DB, his shoulder went limp. After both plays, his shoulder needed to be put back into it's socket, and it's likely to continue happening until it's fully fixed. Miller will eventually require surgery and while a defensive back could play through the injury, it's difficult for a wide receiver to play with a brace for such a long period of time. According to the ProFootballDoc of the San Diego Union Tribune, the easier the shoulder comes out of the joint through the season, the bigger the labral tear it will cause. The doc does point out that Miller not landing on his shoulder the second time, might have saved his season. Do you think Miller should play through the injury?

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