Nagy Says To Be Patient With Bears' Struggling Offense.

Published September 25, 2018 at 12:57

"The Chicago Bears are 2-1 and leading the NFC North, but not everything about the start of the season is pretty. The Bears defense has been simply incredible having only given up 55 points so far this season to opposing teams, however the offense has been a different story. Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky has just two passing touchdowns in three games while throwing up three interceptions and has registered a 77.8 QB rating so far. Bears head coach Matt Nagy is asking everybody to be patient with the offense as it's a learning process.
«I'm telling you, I know people don't understand this: It takes time. We will get this,» Nagy saidof Chicago's offense.
«When you have a first 15 [plays scripted], these guys have these plays the night before, so they're able to really hammer through and study them and see where we're at — and to me that's exciting.
«Now the next step is they've got to be able to do it without given [plays],» Nagy said. «They need to understand the whole process and that's where we're going to slowly get there.»
«What I'm trying to say is, we want this to happen as fast as we can. But this is not something that happens day-by-day or week-by-week.
«So we've got to figure out as coaches how to put them in the best possible scenario and then when they have opportunities to make plays, they've got to make plays.»What do you think of Nagy's comments?

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