Amid an uncertain future, Matt Eberflus points to the Chicago Bears' upward trajectory as a compelling reason for his potential return.

Vince Carbonneau
January 5, 2024  (6:04 PM)

For weeks, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Eberflus has skillfully deflected questions about his future with the team. Eberflus consistently emphasizes being fully present and engaged, only discussing his potential future with general manager Ryan Poles and president Kevin Warren once the season concludes.

However, as the Bears improved their performance and notched wins in the final stretch of the season, Eberflus appears to be a man who might not face the dreaded "Black Monday" conversation. Their 5-2 record in the last seven games, with only a couple of late-game stumbles preventing a 7-0 record, has shifted the outlook.
The atmosphere at Halas Hall indicates positive momentum, and Eberflus believes that the team's turnaround demonstrates his suitability for a third year.
"I feel really good about where this team is," Eberflus stated on Friday. "This team is on the rise. I feel really good about the second half of the season, where the whole football team is going right now. I love the camaraderie and the relationships we've built. You could certainly see the progress, so yeah, I feel good about it.»
When pressed on whether he "expects" to return, Eberflus once again evaded a definitive answer.
«'Expect' is a word of expectation," Eberflus explained. "That's a word that belongs into the future, right? We're gonna have those meetings. I welcome those meetings during the course of the next few days after the game. Right now we're focused on this game.»
As things stand, all signs point to Eberflus continuing in his role. Notably, no Bears coach has been dismissed after defeating the Packers since Mike Ditka in 1992.
Eberflus sees undeniable growth and progress within the team. With recent victories, his players have tangible evidence of their potential.
The Bears have climbed from the NFL's lower ranks to a more competitive position. Their trajectory is upwards as they enter a crucial offseason.
Eberflus is confident that these factors are compelling enough to secure another year at the helm.
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