Tom Brady warns Caleb Williams why he won't find success in the NFL

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May 21, 2024  (10:04)

Caleb Williams in training camp
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Tom Brady warns NFL rookies: It's about the team, not individual success

Every NFL rookie hopes to make significant strides in their first season, but Tom Brady emphasizes that the journey to glory isn't an individual one.
Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin hosted a luncheon for six first-round NFL Draft picks from April, where Brady, alongside rap mogul Jay-Z, imparted crucial advice to these newcomers as they embark on their professional careers.
The luncheon attendees included Chicago Bears No. 1 pick Caleb Williams, New England Patriots quarterback Drake Maye, Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels, Denver Broncos quarterback Bo Nix, New York Giants receiver Malik Nabers, and Las Vegas Raiders tight end Brock Bowers.
Brady expressed a key concern about young players in the NFL: their focus on personal accomplishments and branding over team success.
"When you have 53 guys on the team, you think it's about you. It ain't about you. It's about us," Brady said in a video shared by Rubin. "The biggest problem I see with a lot of the young players today is you're making it too much about 'I' and 'me' because of social media and branding. It's fine you're not going to win." He added, "There's a difference between being a star and being a champion."
Brady echoed similar sentiments on the "DeepCut with VicBlends" podcast last month, criticizing the younger generation of athletes for their focus on personal branding. However, with college sports now allowing name, image, and likeness deals, many top-tier student-athletes enter the league already mindful of their personal brands.
The seven-time Super Bowl champion exemplifies someone who achieved NFL stardom while prioritizing team success. His two decades of victories with the New England Patriots and his first-season Super Bowl win with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers underscore this philosophy.
Success extends beyond the field, which is why Rubin invited Jay-Z to speak about his journey. "Your talent gets you there," the 24-time Grammy winner said. "Your work ethic and your discipline take you to where you want to be."
Tom Brady, Bo Nix, and Michael Rubin pose for a picture
Tom Brady and Michael Rubin pose with Broncos rookie QB Bo Nix (IG/@michaelrubin).
Rubin reiterated Jay-Z's point about the power of work ethic. "I'm unrelenting, like I will not quit in anything I do. I never got there on educational background or skill. It was work ethic and hustle," he explained.
Each rookie attentively listened as Brady shared more about his approach to work ethic on the field. "Every day of practice is important. You know why? Because when I was on the Patriots, and we had 20 years of winning, every day was a big day. I treated a preseason game, I treated a regular-season game like it was a Super Bowl. So, when I got to the Super Bowl, it was just another day for me.
"There should be nobody in your life that should have higher expectations for you than you."
These rookies will be expected to make immediate impacts on their teams in 2024, especially the quarterbacks, all slated to start for their respective franchises in Week 1.
Learning from those who have reached the pinnacle of their fields in business, sports, and music can significantly shape the mindset and core values necessary for achieving greatness at the professional level.
As seen Here - Tom Brady warns Caleb Williams why he won't win in the NFL
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Tom Brady warns Caleb Williams why he won't find success in the NFL

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