The Ultimate WR Support for Any QB Drafted First Overall? The Bears

Vince Carbonneau
April 30, 2024  (6:24 PM)

Caleb Williams in action at USC
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Title: DJ Moore's Immediate Impact: A Boost for Justin Fields and a Historic Moment for the Bears

With DJ Moore seamlessly adapting to his role alongside Justin Fields as the season progressed, the Chicago Bears must be thrilled with the dynamics unfolding within their wide receiver unit.
The quicker that Caleb Williams meshes with this potentially unparalleled wide receiver group—a group that might be the best ever assembled for a first overall draft pick—the more advantageous it will be for the team.
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In a recent throwing session, Moore, alongside Keenan Allen and Rome Odunze, demonstrated a promising synergy with Caleb Williams. Observations from last year's leading receivers for the Bears indicated a fast-forming connection, enhancing team chemistry.
"Anticipation is key," Moore explained to Mirror Sports. "You can sense his expectation for our routes and timing, which will only improve our play. We need to stay aligned with his pace, whether it's quick or gradual. I'm optimistic about a swift adjustment."
This trio is scheduled to reunite at Halas Hall on May 20 for organized team activities, continuing to strengthen their on-field rapport.
Meanwhile, Odunze and Williams are set to collaborate with other newcomers during the Bears rookie camp slated for May 10 and 11.
This formation may indeed represent the finest trio of wide receivers ever provided to a No. 1 draft pick. According to an analysis by Clevanalytics and further expanded by BearDigest—excluding tight ends—no other team has matched this caliber of wide receivers for their first overall quarterback since the NFL-AFL merger.
In comparison, only the trio provided to Joe Burrow before Ja'Marr Chase—consisting of 32-year-old AJ Green, rookie Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd—came close. While Green parallels Allen in age, Higgins and Boyd have not matched Moore's reception or yardage totals over four seasons. The question arises: would one prefer Tyler Boyd or Rome Odunze?
As the Bears contend within the NFC North following the draft, the addition of these receivers could significantly impact their offensive strategies and overall team performance.
This exclusive focus on wide receivers, not extending to tight ends, places the Bears' current lineup in a historic perspective. While other teams have had strong groups, including tight ends like Greg Olsen for the Panthers and Jeremy Shockey for the Giants, the Bears' current assembly—with the potential inclusion of tight ends Cole Kmet and Gerald Everett—might still overshadow them due to their proven effectiveness.
This list continues with a historical overview of wide receiver trios provided to No. 1 overall quarterback picks since the AFL-NFL merger, highlighting the evolution and strategic placements by various teams over the decades.
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The Ultimate WR Support for Any QB Drafted First Overall? The Bears

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