Ratings completely underestimate the Chicago Bears' position group

Chris Lewis
July 2, 2024  (1:05 PM)

Chicago Bears
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The undervalued Bears: A closer look at Chicago's defensive dilemma,

In a realm where statistics often defy expectations, the Chicago Bears find themselves amidst a paradox, particularly with their secondary and offensive line evaluations. Despite enduring a strenuous season with a high sack count, the Bears' offensive line received a surprisingly favorable rank, positioned 11th by Pro Football Focus (PFF). This upgrade in ranking occurs even though their only off-season enhancements were the addition of two modestly-rated centers.
Conversely, the Bears' secondary tells a story of gritty resurgence and yet, underappreciation. With an impressive haul of 16 interceptions in the latter half of the season, contributing to a league-leading total of 22, and limiting opponents to a passer rating of 75.7 in the last 10 weeks—third-best league-wide—their PFF rank of 19th bewilderingly reflects a narrative of underestimation. This rank places them behind both the Packers and Lions within their own division.
As the off-season unfolds, the defensive unit at Halas Hall isn't just preparing; they're thriving on the skepticism. Safety Jaquan Brisker encapsulates the sentiment, emphasizing the collective talent and potential within the group. Yet, PFF's lukewarm assessment persists, seemingly waiting for the Bears to "put it together" in a manner that wasn't required to boost their offensive line's rating.
Adding intrigue to the secondary, significant signings such as cornerback Jaylon Johnson and safety Kevin Byard—anticipated to bring top-tier skills to the lineup—highlight a strategic bolstering. However, the inconsistencies in health and performance last season did impact their overall effectiveness, a factor that the Bears hope to overcome with better health and integrated team dynamics this year.
The narrative of the Bears' secondary, contrasted sharply with their offensive line's overvaluation, underscores a broader theme in sports analytics: the perplexing, often subjective nature of rankings. As they gear up for a potentially transformative 2024, the question remains—will the Bears' secondary finally receive the recognition their performance merits, or will the analytics continue to overlook their ascent?
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The Chicago Bears Position Group Totally Disrespected by Ratings
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Ratings completely underestimate the Chicago Bears' position group

Has the Pro Football Focus (PFF) unfairly ranked the Chicago Bears' secondary despite their significant improvement in performance?

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