Predictions for the 2024 NFL season raise questions about Matt Eberflus' future

Chris Lewis
June 24, 2024  (4:51 PM)

Matt Eberflus
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Will Matt Eberflus lead the Chicago Bears into their contending window?

The 2024 season presents a crucial juncture for the Chicago Bears, with the development of rookie quarterback Caleb Williams at its core. However, a significant question looms: Is Matt Eberflus the right head coach to steer the team into its competitive future?
Caleb Williams' potential impact as the Bears' quarterback cannot be overstated. Should he prove to be the solution the team has long sought, Eberflus might benefit from that success. Yet, the specter of last year's fourth-quarter collapses hangs over the team, casting doubt on Eberflus' future. If similar failures occur this season, it is likely Eberflus will face dismissal by season's end.
This perspective aligns with NFL Spin Zone's 2024 season predictions. Analyst Lou Scataglia noted:
Chicago Bears: 8-9
The Chicago Bears could view this as a successful season. Caleb Williams is likely going to start all 17 games for the team unless something major happens, and them winning eight games with a rookie QB could actually be a huge plus for the future. Playing QB in the NFL is the hardest thing to do in sports, so while it is a losing record, there is really nothing wrong with going 8-9.
However, that actually might not be good enough for head coach Matt Eberflus to keep his job.

An 8-9 record, while a marginal improvement from the previous season, might set a realistic floor for the Bears in 2024. If Williams adapts quickly to the NFL, the team could achieve a best-case scenario of winning between 10 and 12 games.
If the Bears manage to secure 8 wins, it would mark a one-game improvement from their 2023 season. In this case, Eberflus might retain his position, provided the team does not falter in the final minutes of games. The organization may prefer to see Eberflus continue his tenure rather than risk instability with a third consecutive losing season.
In essence, the upcoming season will serve as a litmus test for both Williams and Eberflus. While Williams' performance will be under intense scrutiny, Eberflus' ability to convert potential into victories will ultimately determine his fate. The Bears' management and fans alike will be watching closely, hoping for signs that their team is finally on the verge of a competitive resurgence.
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2024 NFL Season predictions cast doubt on Matt Eberflus' future with Chicago Bears
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Predictions for the 2024 NFL season raise questions about Matt Eberflus' future

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