New Report Unveils How One guy Turned Matt Nagy Against Trubisky

Vince Carbonneau
May 10, 2024  (12:23)

Matt Nagy with the Bears
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Everything was looking up for the Chicago Bears after a standout 2018 season, where they finished 12-4 and were just a missed field goal away from a deeper playoff run. Quarterback Mitch Trubisky, fresh from a Pro Bowl season, was developing well under the guidance of head coach Matt Nagy, signaling a promising future for the team.

However, the dynamics within the team began to shift with the arrival of Brad Childress. Initially brought in to bolster the coaching staff, Childress, a former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, was expected to be a minor addition. Yet, his influence would soon prove pivotal and disruptive.
Childress reportedly urged Nagy to reconsider his support for Trubisky, pointing out the quarterback's shortcomings highlighted by certain personality testsódata he made visible to the coaching staff to underscore his concerns. This strategic move ignited doubts about Trubisky's capabilities, previously only seen on film, and set a tone of skepticism within the team.
As the season progressed, this seed of doubt grew into outright dissatisfaction. Nagy, who had once been a staunch supporter of Trubisky, began to openly criticize his quarterback, undermining his confidence. This shift was evident right from the team's season opener, a demoralizing loss to the Green Bay Packers. Trubisky's performance was a shadow of his prior achievements, marking the beginning of a downward spiral for both quarterback and coach.
Childress's impact lingered long after his departure, leaving a legacy of discord and missed opportunities. Nagy's tenure was marred by these decisions, and the Bears' management eventually looked to new talents, drafting Justin Fields in 2021 and moving on from Trubisky. This series of events raises questions about what might have been if Childress had not been part of the Bears' staff. His role in the saga is a stark reminder of how a single influence can alter the trajectory of an entire team.
Reflecting on the aftermath, it's clear that the Childress era was more than just a blip in the Bears' history. It was a turning point that reshaped careers and the team's direction, illustrating the profound impact that coaching dynamics can have on a team's fortune.
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New Report Unveils How One guy Turned Matt Nagy Against Trubisky

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