"Matt Forte Discusses Ryan Poles' Influence on Bears' Culture"

Vince Carbonneau
May 23, 2024  (2:29 PM)

Matt Eberflus and Ryan Poles
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Matt Forte Discusses Ryan Poles' Impact on Bears' Team Culture: Building Towards a New Era"

Former Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte recently offered his perspective on the evolving team culture under General Manager Ryan Poles during an interview on Kay Adams' Up and Adams show. Forte's insights shed light on a pivotal aspect of the Bears' resurgence beyond their impressive 2024 roster.
Poles, who has garnered praise for assembling what many consider to be the Bears' strongest offense in history and overseeing a defense that showed significant improvement late last season, faces the dual challenge of not only constructing a competitive roster but also fostering a positive team environment. Despite the lack of recent winning seasons, reports from inside the locker room suggest a burgeoning sense of unity and positivity among the players under Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus.
Forte, reflecting on his time with the Bears and the current state of affairs, expressed optimism about the cultural transformation underway. "I do feel a change in the culture," Forte remarked during the interview. "Like you've heard the whispers of that, and it's true." His endorsement of the evolving atmosphere signals a departure from past perceptions of organizational dynamics, hinting at a more cohesive and supportive environment.
One key element that Forte highlighted was Poles' recognition of the impact that former players can have on young athletes striving to make their mark in the league. "It inspires the younger guys who are coming up and want to fill the shoes of former players to be great," Forte noted. This emphasis on legacy and mentorship underscores a strategic approach to building sustained success, reminiscent of strategies employed by championship-caliber teams.
The evolving team culture under Poles appears poised to complement the Bears' formidable roster. Forte's insights suggest a deliberate effort to cultivate an environment where camaraderie, leadership, and a shared commitment to excellence are nurtured. As the Bears aim to translate cultural revitalization into on-field success, Poles' leadership and vision continue to shape the team's trajectory in a positive direction on all fronts.
In conclusion, Forte's reflections offer a glimpse into the transformative impact of Poles' leadership on the Bears' organizational culture. With optimism brewing and foundational elements of success taking root, Chicago appears to be laying the groundwork for a promising new era under Poles' stewardship.
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"Matt Forte Discusses Ryan Poles' Influence on Bears' Culture"

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