Justin Fields takes a shot at the Chicago Bears organization

Chris Lewis
June 19, 2024  (2:08 PM)

Justin Fields, #Steelers
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Chicago Bears embark on new journey with Caleb Williams, leaving Justin Fields a fresh start with Steelers.

In a bold move that marks a definitive shift in strategy, the Chicago Bears have chosen to embrace a new chapter with Caleb Williams, who was heralded as the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. This decision underscores the team's commitment to a fresh start, signaling a departure from their former quarterback, Justin Fields. Fields, a noteworthy first-round pick himself, has transitioned to the Pittsburgh Steelers—a move facilitated by the Bears' General Manager, Ryan Poles, ensuring Fields landed with a team of his preference.
For Fields, this change offers a new beginning and a drastically different team culture under the guidance of Coach Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh.
"Me being in two different places now, I realize you don't get this culture everywhere,"
Fields observed last week.
"I think Chicago, they're kind of changing the narrative now, but this has been the culture here for so many years. You can see it, just the way that we attack each and every day. Coach [Mike Tomlin], he stays on us about it, so I think just having that, reiterating that each and every day, that keeps guys on their toes. Guys are ready to compete each and every day."

Fields' tenure with the Bears was a rocky one. Drafted in 2021, he played one season under Matt Nagy before the Bears overhauled their leadership, bringing in Matt Eberflus as head coach and Ryan Poles as general manager. During Fields' three-year stint, the Bears amassed a disappointing record of 16-35, never achieving a winning season. In contrast, the Steelers boast a robust track record, not having a losing season in over two decades—a stark contrast to the environment Fields experienced in Chicago.
The pivot to Williams was driven by the need for a transformative talent, which the Bears believed they were missing with Fields, who struggled to elevate the team amidst a less-than-ideal support system. Chicago's sports landscape has been marred by periods of underperformance, but the acquisition of Williams represents hope for a resurgence.
As Fields finds his footing in Pittsburgh, the Bears are left to foster a winning culture that has eluded them for years. With a new quarterback at the helm and a city's hopes riding on his shoulders, only time will tell if this strategic shift will indeed turn the tides for one of the NFL's storied franchises.
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Justin Fields takes a subtle jab at Chicago Bears' culture
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Justin Fields takes a shot at the Chicago Bears organization

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