"DJ Moore Summarizes Bears Caleb's Unique Talent in a Single word

Vince Carbonneau
May 9, 2024  (8:11)

Caleb Williams at USC
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The Chicago Bears made a significant move by selecting Caleb Williams as the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Joining a robust Chicago offense, Williams is surrounded by a talented group that includes rookie Rome Odunze, the seasoned Keenan Allen, and standout receiver DJ Moore. As the most experienced member of this group, Moore is poised to take on a pivotal leadership role on offense. He recently expressed his high regard for Williams during a podcast appearance on the Up & Adams Show hosted by Kay Adams.

When asked to pinpoint what sets Caleb Williams apart from other quarterbacks, Moore succinctly replied, "Anticipation." This brief yet telling response was highlighted in a tweet by Dave from the @dave_bfr handle, emphasizing the single-word praise for Williams' foresight on the field.
In the same interview, when Kay Adams queried Moore about his ambitions for the upcoming 2024 NFL season, he emphasized his team-oriented goals over personal achievements. Despite a streak of thousand-yard seasons, Moore prioritized team success, stating, «Just making the playoffs. Just showing the growth we had over last year. So making the playoffs, 10 wins, having 1,000 yards could come second.»
Prior to the 2023 NFL Draft, the Bears acquired DJ Moore in a significant trade with the Carolina Panthers, exchanging him for the first overall pick and additional draft selections, one of which was used to secure Caleb Williams. This trade could mark one of the most pivotal moments in Bears' history if Williams proves to be a successful pick.
During the interview, Moore also commented on the potential of Chicago's receiving trio, which includes himself, Allen, and Odunze, to be one of the best in the league. While acknowledging the strength of the Miami Dolphins' receivers, Moore expressed confidence in the diverse capabilities of his team's trio. He also shared his excitement about rookie Rome Odunze, noting his smooth playing style and eagerness to see him integrate into the team.
Moore and Adams also touched on the upcoming NFL schedule release, with Moore particularly looking forward to facing the Green Bay Packers, a longtime rival. Additionally, he anticipates a "revenge game" against his former team, the Carolina Panthers, providing an opportunity to evaluate the outcomes of past trades, including the one involving quarterback Bryce Young.
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"DJ Moore Summarizes Bears Caleb's Unique Talent in a Single word

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