Craig Carton predicts Caleb will break Bears' records, like C.J Stroud

Vince Carbonneau
May 19, 2024  (9:28)

Caleb Williams at USC
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Caleb Williams poised to shatter Bears' records with CJ Stroud-like rookie season

Caleb Williams will enter the 2024 NFL season with some of the highest expectations of any rookie quarterback of this generation so far. He appears to have all the necessary tools to potentially be a superstar, as long as he can live up to his massive potential. This is why the Chicago Bears selected him with the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.
Among the many media personalities that are buying into Williams' hype this year is outspoken host Craig Carton of Fox Sports. In fact, he explained during an episode of The Carton Show that he expects the rookie to have a historic 2024 season.
Carton said:
"I think if you put Bryce Young on the left side of the spectrum, then you put CJ Stroud on the right side of the spectrum, based on last year and their rookie seasons. I believe that Caleb Williams is going to be much farther to the right side, to the CJ Stroud side of the docket, than the Bryce Young side."
"Erik Kramer, what year did he have, 1995, and how many yards did he have? Not 4000, it was just over 3800. The Chicago Bears have never had a 4000 yard passer in their storied franchise history."
Erik Kramer holds the Bears' franchise single-season passing records with 3,838 yards and 29 touchdowns during the 1995 NFL season. While they are one of the most iconic teams in NFL history, they have never really been known for their quarterbacks.
Craig Carton is apparently suggesting that Caleb Williams could potentially change that. He explained that he believes the rookie is capable of setting a franchise passing record and having one of the best rookie seasons by a quarterback ever, comparing his upside to CJ Stroud from last year. The Bears will hope it becomes the reality after going all-in to build around Williams during the offseason.
Bears' 2024 offseason moves show commitment to Caleb Williams
The Chicago Bears have used the 2024 NFL offseason to surround their new rookie quarterback with as many weapons as possible. They made several significant additions to their offense, including Keenan Allen, Rome Odunze, and D'Andre Swift.
For any rookie quarterback to have immediate success in the NFL, they often need a favorable situation to complement their potentially elite talent. After trading away Justin Fields and aggressively making offensive additions, the Bears appear motivated to put their faith in Williams.
As seen Here - Craig Carton predicts Caleb Williams to smash Bears' records with CJ Stroud-esque rookie season
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Craig Carton predicts Caleb will break Bears' records, like C.J Stroud

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