Caleb Williams reminded one head coach of an NFL legend

Chris Lewis
July 10, 2024  (10:50)

Caleb Williams
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Caleb Williams steals the spotlight in HBO's "Hard Knocks".

As we eagerly await the Chicago Bears' turn on HBO's "Hard Knocks" at training camp next month, viewers were treated to an enticing preview of what to expect from first overall pick Caleb Williams. HBO is currently airing a series on the New York Giants, showcasing their offseason activities, which provided a unique glimpse into the pre-draft processes that brought Williams into the spotlight.
In a recent episode, the series took fans behind the scenes into the Giants' draft preparation, where Williams was one of the standout figures. His moment came during a discussion where he was asked to choose a single pass play he'd feel confident executing repeatedly. Without hesitation, Williams sketched out his preferred play, notably a slot fade—a strategy famously associated with NFL legend Brett Favre. Giants head coach Brian Daboll, who has firsthand experience with Favre from his time as the quarterbacks coach for the New York Jets, recognized the play immediately.
The segment showcased not only Williams' quick strategic thinking but also his confidence in his throwing capabilities, especially under challenging conditions. Daboll highlighted the difficulty of executing the slot fade against tight coverage, to which Williams responded with unwavering assurance in his ability to make the throw.
Despite the Giants' interest in moving up the draft board, securing the top pick—and consequently Williams—proved unfeasible. Thus, Williams found his professional home in Chicago, where he has already begun to impress. Bears head coach Matt Eberflus praised his new quarterback's skills, indicating high expectations for his development.
As the countdown to training camp continues, fans can anticipate seeing more of Williams' prowess on display. HBO's "Hard Knocks" promises to provide an in-depth look at this promising player, who is increasingly capturing national attention for his exceptional talent. This sneak peek is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting season for both Williams and the Bears.
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Caleb Williams had one head coach thinking about an NFL legend during his pre draft interview process
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Caleb Williams reminded one head coach of an NFL legend

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