2024 NFL Travel Rankings: Analyzing the Road Ahead for All 32 Teams

Vince Carbonneau
May 15, 2024  (2:03 PM)

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As the NFL unveils its complete schedule for the 2024 regular season, fans and teams alike are buzzing with anticipation. With the list of opponents already known from the end of the 2023 season, the key detail everyone has been waiting for is the timing of each matchup. This scheduling reveals not just when, but where teams will be playing, which significantly impacts their travel plans.

This year, the travel distances range dramatically, from extensive cross-country hauls to shorter, more localized games. The Chicago Bears find themselves in a balanced spot with a mix of distant and close games, including an exciting international face-off against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London during Week 6.
Here's how all 32 teams stack up in terms of travel distance for the 2024 season, measured using Google Earth data, starting with the team covering the most miles to the one with the least:
1. **Los Angeles Chargers**: 26,803 miles
2. **Miami Dolphins**: 25,869 miles
3. **Seattle Seahawks**: 25,797 miles
4. **New England Patriots**: 25,071 miles
5. **San Francisco 49ers**: 24,575 miles
6. **Los Angeles Rams**: 24,263 miles
7. **Las Vegas Raiders**: 23,345 miles
8. **Philadelphia Eagles**: 22,756 miles
9. **New York Jets**: 22,397 miles
10. **Green Bay Packers**: 22,209 miles
11. **Jacksonville Jaguars**: 22,075 miles
12. **Carolina Panthers**: 21,288 miles
13. **Arizona Cardinals**: 21,064 miles
14. **Denver Broncos**: 19,670 miles
15. **Chicago Bears**: 19,558 miles
16. **New York Giants**: 19,295 miles
17. **Minnesota Vikings**: 19,030 miles
18. **Dallas Cowboys**: 18,293 miles
19. **Houston Texans**: 18,052 miles
20. **Kansas City Chiefs**: 16,719 miles
21. **Buffalo Bills**: 16,710 miles
22. **Baltimore Ravens**: 15,424 miles
23. **Tampa Bay Buccaneers**: 15,303 miles
24. **Detroit Lions**: 14,328 miles
25. **Cleveland Browns**: 13,998 miles
26. **Tennessee Titans**: 13,311 miles
27. **New Orleans Saints**: 13,084 miles
28. **Atlanta Falcons**: 12,416 miles
29. **Pittsburgh Steelers**: 12,047 miles
30. **Indianapolis Colts**: 11,497 miles
31. **Cincinnati Bengals**: 10,611 miles
32. **Washington Commanders**: 10,550 miles
Each team's travel schedule not only affects their logistics but can also have significant implications for player performance and team strategy. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how travel influences the outcomes of the games and the standings by the year's end.
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2024 NFL Travel Rankings: Analyzing the Road Ahead for All 32 Teams

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