Update Regarding Roquan Smith's Issues Last Year.

Published March 6, 2020 at 11:51

"It was a weird season for Chicago Bears' linebacker Roquan Smith last year. He started off the season pretty quietly before it was revealed that he was dealing with an issue and ended up missing a game. There was all kinds of speculation from a DUI, to a problem with his girlfriend and stories of depression. What happened was kept pretty quiet and no details were ever really revealed. Smith did finish the season strong looking like himself down the stretch. On Friday morning Bill Zimmerman of Mad Dog Radio relayed a bit of information he had. "Update on an old story- Roquan Smith's mystery issue that caused him to miss Vikings game last year:
Smith was dealing with a medical issue, one that rattled him. The wild rumors that surfaced were completely false. This issue will have no impact on Smith moving forward.The medial issue was not an injury that needed to be reported to the NFL."

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