Trey Burton Makes Big Revelation About Time With Bears.

Published April 24, 2020 at 8:29 PM

"It was a bit of a weird storyline.
The Green Bay Packers cut Jimmy Graham, the Bears sign Graham to a two year contract, the Bears release Trey Burton then Burton signs with the Colts.
Burton was supposed to be a big part of the new Bears and looked pretty good during his first season but things fell apart last year mostly because of injury.
During his introductory conference call with the Indy media, Burton made a pretty interesting revelation about last season.
Burton told reporters that he was misdiagnosed with an injury before the 2019 season.
After extensive surgery he rushed back instead of taking time.
He added he's currently on month 4 of his 6 month recovery after hip surgery in December.
What do you think of Burton's revelation?


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