This Bears rookie has been lighting it up so far

Vince Carbonneau
June 17, 2022  (3:41 PM)

Through six weeks of his first NFL offseason, rookie safety Jaquan Brisker has been everything the Bears could have hoped for and more.

«He's been really good, really good,» Eberflus said Thursday at Halas Hall after the Bear wrapped up mandatory minicamp. «In fact, I was just talking to [defensive coordinator] Alan Williams about him on the field, and we're just so thrilled with his talent, you know, with his mental makeup and just the person he is and where he is in his development so far up until this point.

«He's picking up the defense,» Eberflus said later. «He's picking up the defense, he's communicating with others. He's right on pace there, so we're excited for him.»

Eberflus isn't about to paint the picture of a finished product by any means, but if there is a rookie who appears most likely to begin camp as a starter it is the former Penn State safety chosen No. 48 overall in Round 2.
"When you're dealing with players in their first year and you're dealing with these young guys, man, they learn fast and there's so many things that he needs to see in the deep part of the field, down close," Eberflus said. "There's so many things that he has to experience and go through to get the knowledge and learn and put it in his file, in his rolodex there so he can come back to it, so (he says): 'I've seen that, I've done that before.'

It also seems like Brisker's adjustment to the NFL has gone very well so far. He seems very comfortable.
«I feel like I grew in the playbook,» Brisker said Thursday when asked where he has made the most significant improvement since being drafted. «I got better and more comfortable and know what I'm doing, know what my teammates are doing. You know, and just playing fast.»

As we speak, we can expect the Bears to have Eddie Jackson and Jaquan brisker at safety come week 1. Together, it's easy to see Brisker and Jackson being a ferocious safety duo that serves as the backbone for Eberflus' turnover-focused defense.
«Just having that connection, you know, on and off the field,» Brisker responded when asked why he and Jackson could be successful. «Just knowing we're going to be teammates and things like that and just trusting each other, and when you have trust in each other, we're able to play fast.»

«We kind of have some similarities,» Jackson said of Brisker. «He tells me he likes to be in the box. Just having that right there, he wants to be in there and I can be in the back and be free. We can switch it at any time, but just having some similarities is going to be fun.»

I think this duo could be very successful as these two players are insanely talented!
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