Tarik Cohen Calls Out Bears' Fans For Booing.

Published November 26, 2019 at 12:53

It's been a long season for both the Chicago Bears and their fans. After winning the division last year and making the playoffs, the Bears have fallen flat on their face and currently sit at 5-6 heading into their Thanksgiving matchup against the Detroit Lions. Throughout the season the Bears have heard some boos on their home field from fans and Eddie Jackson has already called the fans out about it. Now Tarik Cohen is going public with his displeasure. «The boos are definitely not necessary,» Cohen told the media. «We're not booing each other so I don't understand why if you're a fan of somebody, how could you boo them when they're going through hardships? We don't care, the boos or the yells or screams for us, it doesn't faze us anymore. We hear them, but it's just nothing.......it's just us against the world, basically.»
What do you think of Cohen's comments?

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