Report: Cam Newton Would Accept Trade To Chicago.

Published November 12, 2019 at 1:17 PM

The Chicago Bears continue to stand by quarterback Mitch Trubisky at the moment as their starting quarterback. But could they have a new starting quarterback next September?If general manager Ryan Pace is willing to make a move, one Pro Bowl QB would be willing to accept a trade. NFL insider Ian Rapoport dropped a bit of bombshell on Tuesday saying Newton would be willing to accept a trade to Chicago. «The likely scenario is Cam Newton is playing for a different team next offseason and here's why — he's due $19 million in salary and none of it is guaranteed,» Rapoport said. «He is a franchise quarterback who is intent on being healthy for March. That means he's very tradeable, similar to Joe Flacco, a place by the way like Chicago if they're in the market for a quarterback. From my understanding, Cam Newton would in fact welcome that if it all worked out.
«Remember I told you a couple weeks ago the plan was not to have surgery and try to rest and get back on the field this year? Now that he's on injury reserve, that has changed. He is considering surgery to repair the torn ligaments in foot. That would take 8 to 10 weeks recovery, meaning he would be healthy in time to get released or for Carolina to trade him.»A good fit for Matt Nagy's offense?

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