Report: Bears Still Targeting Deshaun Watson.

Published April 16, 2021 at 4:02 PM

The Chicago Bears are looking to start the season with Andy Dalton at quarterback despite not too many people being happy with that. While Dalton is the starter, we heard earlier in the offseason that Bears management and ownership are willing to give whatever it takes to land Deshaun Watson.Unfortunately Watson's legal troubles have snowballed and the trade market has cooled down. However according to one Bears' insider, the two teams have stayed in contact and the Bears are still ready to make the move. Jeff Hughes of Da Bears Blog writes that the Bears are one team still talking with the Houston Texans. "The Bears have been one of a handful of teams still in contact with the Houston Texans regarding Deshaun Watson - a player many in the league believe will not face serious legal issues beyond the current civil complaints."Lots of questions remain regarding Watson and it doesn't seem like they'll be answered anytime soon. Would you still like to see the Bears make a play for the QB?

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