NFL Writer Evan Silva Continues His Campaign Against Mitch Trubisky.

Published August 12, 2019 at 12:59

"When the Chicago Bears traded up to select QB Mitch Trubisky at the 2017 NFL Draft it surprised some people to say the least. While the Bears were mostly criticized for the pick after the draft, a lot of those critics have changed their mind as Trubisky continues to prove himself on the NFL field. However there's still one analyst out there who really continues to push his "Anti-Trubisky" agenda. Evan Silva is being called out again after he shared an article on his Twitter account from the Chicago Tribune about Trubisky. The article itself was down the middle pointing out both positives and negatives about Trubisky at camp, however Silva of course decided to only share a negative quote. «Hasn't exactly passed the eye test. ... Too many INTs, too many throws off the mark, and too many days where the QB and his offense have been uneven.»
However of course he didn't show any of the positive quotes like this one from Bears QB coach Dave Ragone.«Mentally, with the things he's recognizing and the questions he's asking, it's clear he's taken the next step,» quarterbacks coach Dave Ragone said.

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