NFL Analyst Says Trubisky Is Guaranteed To Be Starter.

Published August 6, 2020 at 3:06 PM

"The Chicago Bears keep preaching that there will be a QB battle during training camp to decide the team's starter. However with no preseason it's kind of hard to imagine that there will be any competition at all.That's why NFL analyst Michael Lombardi believes we might see a fake competition during training camp that's actually set up for Trubisky to look like he won the job. "Everything will be scripted in training camp for Trubisky to have success," Lombardi wrote via The Athletic. "We already see the public relations machine at work, telling us Trubisky looks like a different player in terms of his conditioning. Yet, there has not been one on-the-field workout. Who cares about his conditioning? What matters more than anything is his decision-making, talent and accuracy. The faster he is forced to play, the less capable he becomes.
"The Bears have too much to lose in starting Foles. They will completely lose Trubisky mentally. Plus, Foles has never been an effective opening-day starter. He is better in a relief role, coming off the bench. In his career, Foles has never played or started in all 16 games. Why change it now?"Do you think there's truth to what Lombardi is saying?

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