Nagy Says There's No Doubt Trubisky Has Gotten Better At QB Recently.

Published November 22, 2019 at 10:28

It's become a storyline that just keeps getting weirder and more interesting by the day. Chicago Bears' head coach Matt Nagy's continual pumping of Mitch Trubisky. While we don't expect Nagy to come out and say he's disappointed in Trubisky and the QB sucks, Nagy has almost publicly never given Trubisky any criticism. He was at it again this week as he dropped another quote that has some people scratching their heads. "I'll say this: The last two weeks… he has without a doubt gotten a lot better at the quarterback position. Decision-making, throws — where he's at the last two weeks has been a lot better.»
Nagy doubled down and said if Trubisky can start on Sunday, he expects Trubisky to continue growing in the right direction. «I'm going to go back to what I really like — and what I'm sticking to and what I believe in — is the last two weeks, he's growing in the right direction,» Nagy said. «So that's where we're at and … we want to put a good week together, get him healthy and hopefully get him out there this weekend to do it again.»
What do you think of Nagy's latest comments?

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