Nagy Explains How He's Getting His Players Mentally Prepared For Playoffs.

Published January 2, 2019 at 12:58

"The Chicago Bears are prepping for their Wild Card game against the Philadelphia Eagles. While it'll be a lot of Bears' players first taste of the NFL Playoffs, it won't be head coach Matt Nagy's. The Bears head coach has made the playoffs in seven of 10 seasons as an assistant coach and hopefully he's got the perfect way to guide the team into their matchup. «Try to not do too much and continue to stay the course,» Nagy said. «That's not just talking play concepts or anything, that's just what you've done from Monday to Saturday. Don't start changing. Don't stay up later at night just because it's the playoffs. Why? Just do the normal stuff that you've been doing. It's been working.
«Why do you need to change it now; because it's the playoffs? No, just continue to do what you do. I think when you start changing things, you're not being yourself. Now you're getting into territory that you have no idea how you're going to react to it. Keep doing the same things.»

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