Mitch Trubisky Reveals His 7 Keys To Being A Good Leader.

Published July 18, 2018 at 3:42 PM

"All eyes will be on sophomore quarterback Mitch Trubisky this season. After showing lots of potential in his rookie season, general manager Ryan Pace and new head coach Matt Nagy seem ready to let the young QB loose.Trubisky wants to be a leader both on and off the field and has looked towards his favourite book "The Captain Class" by Sam Walker on what the trademarks of a good leader are. Tyler Dunn of Bleacher Report sat down with the QB, and Trubisky explained that he keeps a screen shot from the book in his phone:"Read that," Trubisky says, "and tell me you wouldn't want your captain to be all those things."
1. Extreme doggedness and focus in competition.
2. Aggressive play that tests the limits of the rules.
3. A willingness to do thankless jobs in the shadows.
4. A low-key, practical, and democratic communication style.
5. Motivates others with passionate nonverbal displays.
6. Strong convictions and the courage to stand apart.
7. Ironclad emotional control.
Adds Trubisky, "Not once does it say, 'I want this guy to cuss his teammates out' or give a big halftime speech."The young QB just keeps saying all the right things!

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