Matt Nagy Wins The Team Over Once Again.

Published May 21, 2019 at 11:36

The Chicago Bears have regrouped to get things going for the offseason program. Like many things, Bears' head coach Matt Nagy decided to switch things up last minute and put a smile on the team's faces. A day that was supposed to be filled with weightlifting, conditioning and position drills, Nagy tossed all that aside last minute and turned yesterday into "Monday Funday" where the team went through an obstacle course, dodgeball tournament and pizza lunch on the practice field. The obstacle course was amazing and consisted of the following tasks:1) Hitting the crossbar with a thrown football from 15 yards away; 2) Putting a golf ball into a bucket; 3) Doing 50 pushups; 4) Running four sprints across the width of the field (coaches only); 5) Throwing a ball through the goalposts from 55 yards out; 6) Juggling two tennis balls for 10 seconds; 7) Shooting volleyballs into garbage cans; 8) Balancing a baseball bat in an open palm while walking the width of the field; 9) Eating six crackers (with no water); and 10) Knocking a cone off a pad with a football from 15 yards away.Guard Kyle Long explained it's just one of the many reasons players love Nagy. «It's always fun when you go in a team meeting,» said Long, «and you're about to get ready for your lift and coach says, ‘We're scrapping it. We're doing something different today.' The mood immediately goes up. We're lucky to have coach Nagy and to be able to do stuff like this. He's got his finger on the pulse of the team. He does a great job.»
The team was split into 10 - 11 man teams and the team of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Leonard Floyd, Chuck Harris, Ted Larsen, Bilal Nichols, Pat O'Donnell, Ellis Richardson and Allen Robinson II, and coaches Mark Helfrich, Donovan Raiola and Deshea Townsend.

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