Matt Nagy Calls Out Wims Over Incident.

Published November 2, 2020 at 3:20 PM

The Chicago Bears lost another game in another ugly loss. The score was a bit closer than the game actually was as it went into overtime and the New Orleans Saints beat the Bears with a field goal. More ugly QB play from Nick Foles and terrible play calling by head coach Matt Nagy, however that's been overshadowed by one ugly incident. Bears wide receiver Javon Wims tried to snatch Saints' Chauncey Gardner-Johnson's chain and then started punching him. Wims was kicked out of the game for the incident. The Bears receiver was simply trying to stick up for Anthony Miller and also Tarik Cohen who had been mocked by Gardner-Johnson earlier in the season. He probably took it too far though and will likely face suspension. On Monday, Nagy called Mims out for his actions. "It was completely senseless, it was stupid, it was selfish. Every word you could possibly think of with what he did. It's unacceptable."
"That's not good for this game. That's not good for kids that watch the sport of football. We're not going to deal with that. ... That's not how we do things here. There will be consequences."What do you think of Nagy's comments?

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